Generic Dapoxetine. Reviews of doctors.

According to the doctors Dapoxetine is quickly absorbed and also quickly excreted from our body. 3-4 hours after administration the concentration is negligible. So take these pills to prolong sexual intercourse should be about 30-60 minutes before sex.

Hereinafter, the drug has contraindications, which are limited to a group of people suffering from cardiovascular disease and serious liver diseases. Also, these pills should not be taken with medications containing lithium or with tincture of Hypericum. As for side effects, according to the doctors Dapoxetine may cause slight headache after sexual intercourse. But all this is strictly individual – it is necessary literally to check for yourself, of course, if health allows.

I personally on a nothing like felt. There is a recommendation not to overdo it with alcohol. But everyone understands this vague phrase on its own. Being a healthy man, I calmly used the tablets even after two glasses of red wine, and no unpleasant sensations arose. So positive reviews about Dapoxetine have a good reason.

Real testimonials from patients of Dapoxetine.

If you omit too rave reviews from patients about Dapoxetine, which is clearly written on the order, it can be noted that the number of negative opinions is almost nonexistent. By the way, this circumstance has greatly influenced my choice.

Usually there will always be disgruntled companions, which celebrates the serious shortcomings of a means. But in the case of Dapoxetine (you can verify this for yourself) – all the comments are positive or, at least, neutral.

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Finally I will offer my brief opinion on Dapoxetine.

I am 37 years old, healthy, not shy of alcohol and women. In one word – average normal guy. I have this drug caused no adverse reactions. Moreover, back my personal records the duration of sexual intercourse. And yet I noticed that after reach I'm always in a good mood. May impact the Dapoxetine as an antidepressant...anyway – if you "managed" with his partner for 3-4 minutes, believe me you, this tool is a must. As any woman, to say there is not, loves the quality of the intimate relationship that should be happy her body is much more than a few measly minutes.